Allergen Labeling Laws

I was making a homestyle bake tonight and got a bit of it on my hand which I promptly licked off. Well as the dinner was baking in the oven my lips started to swell a little and my throat started feeling tight. I have a peanut allergy which I have not been hospitalized for since I was 2 when we found out I had this allergy and I’m very good about checking ingredients.
Stupidly I had faith in the FDA allergen labeling laws so I always scanned the ingredients quickly but mainly I paid attention to the allergens listed in bold at the bottom and this has worked for me for years. Well as I frantically searched the homestyle bake ingredients I saw in small print in the middle of the ingredients refined peanut oil. I couldn’t believe it! It was listed there but not in bold at the bottom with the allergens.
I quickly took benedryl and sat myself down with my epipen ready in case the benedryl didn’t stop the reaction. Well I looked up why refined peanut oil wasn’t listed in the ingredients. Apparently up until recently refined peanut oil was considered safe because the refining process removes the peanut protein which is what people like myself are allergic to. There was a study done that seemed to prove this but lately more studies have been done and found that it is possible for an almost undetectable amount of the peanut protein to be left in the oil. This is not a problem for the MAJORITY of people with peanut allergies but NOT all people. It is such tiny amount of protein that is left over that only people with the most severe peanut allergies can have a reaction.
Now since only a small portion of the people with peanut allergies have that severe of an allergy the FDA does not require refined peanut oils to be listed with the allergens in bold. There are tons of people with peanut allergies and even though only a minority of those people have an extremely severe allergy that is still a lot of people.
I was so pissed not only because my dinner was ruined but that I came close to a hospital visit and death because I am part of the minority that has an extremely sensitive allergy.
The FDA seems to think its okay not to label it as an alleged because most people will be fine and its perfectly okay to endanger those with extremely sensitive allergies because they are the minority.
The FDA needs to change the law so that refined peanut oil is listed as an allergen or at least in bold in the regular ingredients. Plus that law was created before scientists realized that the study that was originally done only used one same of peanut oil and that the amount of protein left varies and that it is possible with severe allergies to have a reaction.

Haunted by a Memory

Your head begins spinning as the blue of the sky starts swirling together with the green of the trees and the rough gray of the pavement below your feet. Your heart is thumping faster and faster against your chest as your ears throb with the beat as the blood rushes through your veins. No one is chasing you yet your feet are carrying you forward faster and faster with each step. Your body and mind have been taken over with your fight or flight response.

Your body chose flight because it knows what it is like to be trapped, broken, and abused – forced open and violated. Your mind knows you are safe now but the memory of laying helpless in the dark as a disgusting excuse for a man ran his filthy hands over your body and forced your legs open. His arousal grew as your fear rushed over you.

As you reach your apartment your heartbeat slows as you remind yourself that that horrid night has long since passed. Some days you still feel so dirty and worthless like you’ll never be clean again. You hope he is out there somewhere haunted by his actions but in your heart you know he is proud of what he did but you remind yourself over and over again that he is the one that is broken, disgusting, and worthless – not you. And you refuse to collapse again.


This is beautifully written. I absolutely love reading this. It reminds me to have these quiet, loving moments with my boyfriend because they are the most comforting, beautiful moments.

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